Keg Guide

Here is some info to hopefully help you with the decision.

The first thing to think about is how much beer you want/need. About 1/3 of the kegs that get returned to us for deposit come back partially full because people tend to over-order. Planning a wedding? Think of how many people are coming, how many will be drinking, and how many will be drinking beer specifically. Other things to think about are if folks have to drive home from your wedding, or how long the reception will last. It seems like a lot of factors but we can help if you give us a call or stop in to talk to us.

Here is the breakdown of how much is in each standard size of keg.

1/2bbl: Despite the name, this is the largest size of keg available. It holds 15.5 gallons which breaks down to 124 pints (16oz.).

50L: Common in imports, sort of the metric version of a 1/2bbl, and strangely popular with Oregon breweries. Holds about 13.2 gallons or 105 pints.

1/4bbl a.k.a. 30L: Quarter barrels, often called Pony Kegs are becoming less popular with breweries so there aren’t as many option. 7.75 gallon or 62 pints.

1/6bbl a.k.a 20L: The smallest size of keg available. Easy on the back, same height as a full keg but much slimmer. Holds a little over 5 gallons or 42 pints.

Some more things to consider when choosing sizes is what beer you want. If you have your heart set on a certain beer, it might not be available in the size you desire. We have distributor catalogs and years experience in selling kegs so we can help you figure out what is and what isn’t available for beers in different sizes. If you just have a style or type of beer you want, like say a crowd pleasing pale ale, but want a 1/6bbl of it, we can help get you a list of options to choose from.

We do our ordering during the early part of the week (Mon-Wed). The more notice we have for your order, the better chance there is that you will get it. A 2 week heads-up allows us to order in your keg and still have time for a back-up plan should the keg be out of stock with our distributor. If you order a keg before 4 on a Thursday for the weekend, we can try our best to order it, but there is a chance that it won’t be available and there will not be time order something else in after that.

It takes about 10 minutes when you pick your keg up to fill out a State required sticker we must affix to it and our easy deposit slip. We have party-pump style taps available for rent for every make of keg. If you have a kegerator or your caterer says they have taps you can use, give a quick look-up online to make sure the keg you are renting uses the style of tap coupler you have. We only rent the pump style taps and not couplers for draft systems, those are easily available online or from local homebrew stores. We don’t have the space for an ice machine, so we don’t sell ice but there is a QFC one block away that has plenty. We currently don’t rent jockey boxes or tubs for kegs, nor do we fill CO2 tanks.

Other random thoughts: We are a small business in a small location, we don’t have the space to keep a line-up of kegs available at all times, so everything is by order only. If you call us up on a Friday night looking for a keg, there is only a small chance we will be able to help. If you are planning an order for a lot of kegs, or kegs that we otherwise would not put on draft in our establishment (no judgements on your taste, we promise), we reserve the right to take your credit card info down to insure that we don’t get stuck with 3 or 4 kegs should you fail to pick them up. There are times when, within a weeks time, we can return a keg to our distributor, but it isn’t an easy thing to do, and is generally not a good habit to get into. As such, if you call and order a keg, we might choose to take a deposit to cover any possible loss in the event that you decide not to need it and stick us with a keg we have no need for.

We can help load a keg in your car but after that, it’s up to you to move it around. Make sure that you have a vehicle that can handle your keg(s). It seems like common sense but it isn’t uncommon to have people show up to purchase their keg with cars that can’t fit them, or with a SUV in which it’s trunk it already filled with other stuff. We can happily show you how to tap your keg, and offer pointers on serving it, it’s fairly easy so don’t worry.

Understand that not all beers are available at all times. Our distributors do their best to keep enough of the products they carry in stock for people’s needs but because of freshness reasons, they don’t want to over-order so they do sometimes have availability gaps. Lot’s of beers are seasonal and may not be available due to seasonality (i.e. Fremont Summer Solstice come October). Limited availability kegs or kegs of “rare beer” that are in market we can sometimes get, it never hurts to ask, just understand that they likely are expensive and/or maybe not available due to allocations. If we are only allocated one keg of a highly sought after beer that we are planning to pour ourselves, we will not sell that keg to go, but again, it can’t hurt to ask. If there are any other questions, you can always call us and we can do our best to help with whatever questions you may have or help you to figure out what your options are.