2Naturkinder Von Hexen & Feen Cider 750ml


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A formerly wild orchard close by the winery was made accessible and pruned by our friend Krischan who runs a regional, organic cooperative. Krischan makes wine in our cellar and in return we get the fruit from this dreamy piece of land. The traditional mix of cider apples includes Bohnapfel (a tannic, aromatic variety), Lohrer Rambur and Winterrambur (rather mild and floral), Kaiser Wilhelm (acidic and bright) and the beautiful Goldpamäne (very savory). Everything crushed and pressed in the winery.

For Von Hexen & Feen + X though we also picked a macro bin of Aronia berries (tart and colorful!), pressed them, and blended them with the apple juice before bottling the wine with 7g/l residual sugar to finish fermentation in the bottle.