3 Fonteinen Speling van het Lot XIV.II: Kriekenlambik: Kelleris 2019 750ml


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Blend n° 29 • bottling date: 20/01/2020 • bottle count: 490

Next to supporting and growing a local community of Schaarbeekse Kriek tree owners, we would also like to have a one-on-one relation with a (organic) farmer of other sour cherries for our regular Oude Kriek. In that search, we came across the Kelleris sub-variety with Wijndomein Hoenshof. Mid-summer of 2019, we harvested 300 kilos and macerated them with 300 litres of young lambik on an ex-Bordeaux barrel. The maceration took a good six months before we bottled them straight from the barrel (so we did not blend in additional lambik). As a result, there is quite a high final fruit intensity: 857 grams of sour cherries per litre of Kriek. 100% 3 Fonteinen.

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen “Speling van het Lot” (Twist of Fate) is a series of small batch experimental brews, barrel maturations, fruit macerations and blends.

This 16th version features a range of iterations on sour cherries – but not Schaarbeekse, a fruit that rhymes very well with traditional lambic. It probably is the very first type of fruit ever that was used for maceration on lambik – a little bit over 100 years ago.