3 Magnets/Dwinell Country Ales Infinite Deliberations Rustic Lager Can


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We brewed this pre-covid, then seemingly endlessly deliberated about it and tinkered with it over the following year. It started with a traditional grain bill featuring Czech Pilsner malt (and a pinch of wheat malt) from our friends at Linc Malt. We then ferment a bit of our Little Larch Czech Pilsner with a Belgian rustic yeast strain, and pitched that into the brite tank to condition on the lager. This dried it out phenomenally and steered it into a Saison direction. We thenthrew in some more pilsner featuring our favorite house bohe- mian lager strain to krausen and spund it, then finally dry- hopped with Pekko distilled hop oil just before canning.

-3 Magnets