Artivem Kakapo Bourbon Barrel-Aged Black Currant + Vanilla Mead 2023 375ml


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Bourbon barrel aged Kakapo, black currant vanilla mead is a delightful combination of complex flavors that create a unique experience. Made with a blend of honey, belgian dark candi syrup, black currant, and vanilla beans, which are then aged in oak barrels that were previously used to age bourbon.

The result is a rich, velvety mead with a deep ruby color and a luscious aroma of black currants and vanilla. The bourbon barrel aging process adds an extra layer of depth and complexity, infusing the mead with notes of caramel, oak, and a subtle smokiness.

Sweet, floral honey notes are balanced by the tartness of the black currants, while vanilla adds a creamy smoothness to the overall flavor profile. The bourbon barrel aging adds a warming sensation and a hint of spiciness, making this mead perfect for sipping or mixing into a cocktail.

Kakapo is a luxurious and indulgent beverage that is perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life. It pairs well with rich, hearty dishes like beef stew or roasted lamb, and can also be enjoyed as a standalone drink to savor and appreciate its complex flavor profile.