Aslan/Bottleworks/Full Throttle/Seattle Beer School Past Meets Presence American Saison Can


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Collaborations always go a little differently than expected. Sometimes the timing is off, there are miscommunications, expectations aren’t always met, etc. The list goes on. But sometimes a collaboration can go so smooth— everything balances out perfectly and it almost feels too easy. That was the case when we brewed Past Meets Presence with our friends at @seattlebeerschool@fullthrottlebottles, and @bottleworksbier. Inspired and named after an excellent @goodbeerhunting article written by @hollyreganwrites, this beer isn’t marked by a specific style— but combines traditional Saison brewing with the hop-centric styles of the US.
This beer is balanced, bitter, refreshing, and challenging, in line with the mystique of traditional Saisons. Aromas of lime, clove and white pepper carry over into flavors of green grape and grapefruit. We could not be more excited for y’all to try this beer! Available only at Aslan locations, Bottleworks, and Full Throttle Bottles.
Cheers! 🍻