Aslan/Notch Brave Noise Hazy Pale Ale Can


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What started out as a simple question on Brienne Allan’s Instagram story: “Have you ever experienced sexism in the beer industry?” quickly became the inquiry that sent shockwaves throughout craft beer, subsequently inspiring a BEVOLUTION. To keep the momentum going; to honor those who have spoken out, we’re proudly taking part in a collaborative brew titled ‘Brave Noise’.

Brave Noise is a hazy pale ale that packs a punch. Mosaic and Sabro hops provide flavors of piña colada and orange sherbert. A drying, moderate bitterness is accentuated by a prickly effervescence and smooth, light body. At 4.5% this beer is quite easy drinking.

Proceeds from this beer will be donated to End the Backlog, an organization focused on seeking justice for survivors of sexual assault.