Aslan Monarch IPA Can


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With trends constantly changing, recently we’ve found ourselves reaching for the classic, clear IPAs more and more. After testing a new recipe for the past year, we’ve worked hard to perfect this beer to present an IPA with less haze, more robust hop expression, and more clarity.

Part of our process included gathering feedback on our test batches, which you may recognize as Marigold IPA. Both recipes feature similar hops and malt bills, with changes being made on the timing and ratio of hop additions and clarifying techniques.

Monarch is a fresh and decidedly nostalgic IPA with a pleasant, bright bitterness. The hops provide flavors of lemon, grapefruit, pine, and delicate herbal notes. Light biscuit flavors from the malt complement the jammy qualities of the hops while not overshadowing their nuance. Monarch finishes crisp and dry.