Aslan Sabro Squeeze Hazy IPA Can


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Our Single Hop IPA Series is back in action, with a slight redesign and a new hop to explore. We present to you Sabro Squeeze, a tropical vacation in a can!

Fairly new to the game, Sabro was first released in 2018, and we are finally able to contract this amazing hop organically. Sabro is most well known for strong coconut and pina colada notes, and we’re pleased to report that those flavors, while present, aren’t the only thing Sabro has to offer. There is a depth of flavor, including grapefruit, fresh tangerine, tropical pineapple, and kiwi. The softness from the oats and the wheat provides a canvas for hints of coconut and cream to shine through. Sabro Squeeze is best enjoyed by the fireplace pretending to be at a beach catching some rays.