Aslan Strawberry Dojo French Oak-Aged Strawberry Saison 2020 500ml


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Strawberry Dojo begins like the others in the Dojo series, with the same base beer. The various types of fruit and their native microflora define each Dojo’s unique flavor. After approximately eight months of macerating the strawberries, the barrels were blended and bottled on March 26th of this year. Three months later, this batch is ready to drink. It’s very acid neutral but has waves of brett complexity. Over the next 5+ years, we suspect the intensity of fruit in these Dojo beers to slowly fade. If cellared properly though, this beer will evolve wonderfully.


We purchased the strawberries, as we do with most of our organic fruit, from Hedlin Family Farms in La Conner, WA. Skagit Valley is an extraordinary agricultural space in this world, and we are lucky enough to be able to capture it in our beer from time to time. In the wine world, this sense of time and place encapsulated in a drink is called Terroir.