Atwood Natural Jogger Blonde Ale Can


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98% Local Malts / 2% Belgian Malt
47% Estate Hops / 53% Local Hops

Of course, there had to be both a sport and a brew for you, you just never realized it. You’re a jogger… yeah, a NATURAL JOGGER! Water? Taste the nutty, whole grain bread notes of Skagit pilsner and pale malts instead, while your legs pump away like two great steam locomotives — they’re unstoppable. You’re a genius! OOF, is that a stitch? UGH, you’re going to be sick… oh, okay, just take another pull from this balanced brew and… walk… and you’re fine! You’re not going to puke! You definitely don’t regret jogging with beer in any way whatsoever. #itsdelightful

Brewed with Skagit Valley barley malts; Belgian barley malt; estate-grown Tettnang hops; Centennial and Triple Pearl hops from Bredenhof Hop Farms in Chilliwack, BC; and Norwegian farmhouse yeast.