Atwood Stages of Grief: Denial Farmhouse Session IPA Can


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100% Local Malt / 59% Local Hops / 41% German Hops

Back in 2016, we boldly stated that we would never brew an IPA. Six years later, we are working through the “Five Stages of Grief” as we come to terms with never saying never again. Each of the five IPAs in this series explores a different approach to craft beer’s most popular beer style.

Denial is what happens when you just cannot let go of something. In the case of this Farmhouse Session IPA, it is lower strength saisons and farmhouse ales that we just cannot let go of. Denial combines local malt, local and modern aroma hops, and a favorite farmhouse yeast for a fruity, funky trip back to the future.

Brewed with Skagit Valley barley and wheat malts; local Magnum, Cashmere and Comet hops from Bredenhof Hop Farms in Chilliwack, BC; German Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon hops; and Norwegian farmhouse yeast.