Barmann Cellars Send Portal Poubelle Pino Noir + Siegerrebe + Pear Piquette 12oz


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 Introducing our unique and delicious Send Portal Poubelle, a blend of wildly fermented Pinot Noir and Siegerrebe piquette and pear cider kin.  This one of a kind beverage is made using a special process that we developed, resulting in a complex and intriguing flavor profile.  On the nose you’ll find delicate aromas of red fruits, mixed with floral notes of pear and apple.  On the palate, the taste is dry with subtle sweetness, and a tangy and effervescent finish that is both refreshing and satisfying.  The blend of Pinot Noir and Siegerrebe gives a nice complexity, it’s the perfect aperitif or to pair with light meats and cheeses.  Try it today and taste this unique and delicious Poubelle.