Barmann Cellars What the Fox Sparkling Rosé Wine 2022 750ml


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What the Fox is a mixed culture neutral oak barrel ferment of organically grown estate fox grapes! What the fox are fox grapes? Good question! They are descendants of Vitis labrusca (native grapes to N. America) and they are typically used as table grapes or for grape juice as opposed to making wine. Wine grapes (Vitis vinifera) are typically higher in fermentable sugars (resulting in higher alc. by vol) than fox grapes. We barrel fermented our fox grapes after a quick cold soak on the skins without the addition of sulfites. The wine aged sur lees for 6 months before being bottled by Jesse & Steph’s hands in May! It’s a dry, sparkling sulfite free Rosé that smells like sweet tarts and is so unique you’ll be asking yourself What The Fox is this?!?

– Barmann