Begiristain Gorenak Sidra Natural Basque Cider 750ml


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For most of its history, this cider house in the small Spanish Basque town of Ikaztegieta was first and foremost a working farm: making cider from the apples harvested in their extensive orchards was a secondary cause while still certainly important, especially to the local activity of the farm.
Begiristain upgraded the cider making facility in 1990, though the greater part of its output is still served straight from the barrel to locals as well as pilgrimage-making cider lovers from all over the world who prize the restrained but effectively employed wild qualities of this classic farmhouse cider. Luckily for those who can’t drop everything to head over to Ikaztegieta, Begiristain also bottles some of it cider, and we can now enjoy it here!