Bizarre Ghosts of Goslar Oak-Fermented Tayberry Gose 2023 500ml


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Ghosts of Goslar is a blend of goses fermented in oak from stock brewed in August 2022 and May 2023. This blend consists of two different stock barrels and was bottle conditioned with a neutral wine yeast.

Barrel #1 – Gose base with coriander, hopped with aged Hallertau Tradition and fermented with a mixed culture in a Washington Cabernet Franc barrel. Refermented with a brettanomyces blend in a Washington Grenache barrel on Hayton Farms tayberries.

Barrel #2 – Wheat base ale with lemon and coriander fermented with a mixed culture in a neutral red wine barrel. Hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Cashmere.