Boulevard Stuff Of Legend Barrel-Aged Vanilla + Cacao Stout 12oz


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This beer is STUFFED with the nostalgia of peeling open that classic blue wrapper and seeing row after row of sandwich cookie goodness! When you pour this decadent stout into a glass you’ll instantly get aromas of chocolate, vanilla, and bourbon courtesy of more than a year of barrel aging. With mild carbonation, Stuff of Legend has a rich, smooth and creamy mouthfeel. 

With 100% of the beer dunked in (get it) bourbon barrels, Stuff of Legend comes in at 13.3% ABV and is truly a grown-up dessert in a glass. For those that love an evening sweet treat or perhaps a nice snifter of whiskey (or both?), we think this beer fits the bill for everyone looking for just a little something to cap off a great meal.

Stuff of Legend hits shelves in KC beginning October 11th with other markets to follow. As it pops up in stores, our can help you track it down.