BreakThru/D9 Started at Rock Bottom, Now We’re Here Double IPA Can


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My first exposure into the craft beer world was at (you can probably guess) Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant in La Jolla, CA. The Head brewer was nice enough to answer all my overly specific homebrew questions and teach me in the ins and outs of brewing at a commercial level, even though I wasn’t employed on the brewing team. Things have came a long way since then; I started BreakThru, and she moved across the country to take on the brewing program with D9. To celebrate our first anniverary and the opening of their uptown location complete with a shiny new 5 bbl pilot system we are each brewing our take on this SoCal style staple! Hopped with the classic combination of Citra and Mosaic on a light body, amplified with concentrated cryo versions of each!