BreakThru Dad Mode Helles Lager Can


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Summer must have finally hit, because or now ANNUAL (yes, twice counts ) release of Dad Mode Helles Lager is finally here! Although our first batch holds a special place in our hearts, the defining characteristic of our small brewery is never being satisfied with beer that’s “good enough”. Version 2 of Dad Mode took what was learned in V1 and tweaked to produce an even more flavorful, delicate, crisp german(ish) Lager perfect for our rising temps. A blend of three different pilsner malts provide a depth of flavor full of bread and cracker, balanced by noble hop aroma from additions of German Tettnang and Hallertau Mittelfruh. Lagered for 8 weeks and this time left UNFILTERED to retain maximum flavor and aroma. A summer crusher fit for any Lager drinker’s palate.