BreakThru Fold in the Hops IPA IPA Can


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Batch 0005 combines what I’ve learned from pairing different hops, hop products, and grist together over the past year and half or so of tinkering with the smaller details. I’m going back to an Incognito (concentrated, flowable hop oil) whirlpool and almost as if Barth-Haas was reading my mind, they decreased the unit size so I can use two different varieties in the same whirlpool! My bank account thanks them, and I’m super excited to see what comes of blending such concentrated products together. As far as the varieties go, I chose Citra and Mosaic. For the Dry Hop, I chose a pairing of two of my favorites together, Idaho 7 and Galaxy. Those paired with the double incognito whirlpool has me as excited as I have ever beer for a beer to finish fermenting! The grist goes completely different from any of our releases thus far using Golden Promise and Pilsen malts as the base, finished off with some carapils, spelt, and flaked oats. Incognito tends to thin out the mouthfeel due to the lack of any vegetal matter so bumping up the specialty grain content should balance the body nicely.