BreakThru Resin Rainbow Double Hazy IPA Can


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90’s kids get your nostalgia hats on, time to crack open your favorite book and dive into this Resin Rainbow! Hopped with Australian Enigma, Oregon grown El Dorado, AND Oregon grown/processed El Dorado Hop Hash (oil content over 5.0 mL/100g!!! For reference a very oil dense hop such as Columbus t90 gives about 2.5 mL, Citra Cryo around 3.0 mL).  Hopped at a rate of 10 lbs/bbl. Yes. Ten. Why? Well…because I’ve done 8 before and figured, Weldwerks has gone as high as 13, why not? Originally slated for Hop Mob 2021, due to a scheduling conflict the batch could not be brewed early enough to be a part of the event.