Brother Barrel Apricot Gold Barrel-Aged Apricot Sour 500ml


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We took four barrels of our Sour Gold base that had been fermenting away with our mixed cultures and racked four of those barrels onto 200 lbs of fresh and pureed apricots that had been stuffed into 4 more used, red wine barrels. We used 100 pounds of Organic Robada Apricots from the AG Family Farm in Quincy, WA. I met Arturo at the Lake City Farmers Market after chatting with him over several weeks. The other 100lbs came in puree form from the Oregon Fruit Company. This combination was allowed to age for another 6 months to ferment away the fruit sugars from the apricots.The ripe fruit comes through in both the flavor and aroma. You can almost feel the fuzzy texture of the apricot skins.

-Brother Barrel