Burke Gilman/Seattle Beer School Ma Che Cos’è Italian Pilsner Can


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This is a collab with the excellent people at Seattle Beer School. We wanted to get together and brew a real beer nerd’s beer, and we came up with the still somewhat obscure Italian Pils. We hope to have more information out about it soon (SBS will do a whole online class on it, which we’ll send out info about!). But, think: hoppy pilsner. This was the invention in the mid 90s of an Italian brewer who was trained in the German tradition, but wanted to put his own mark on the pilsner style, when he opened his own little place in Italy. Label designed by local artist Stevie Shao. The name means, in Italian, “but, what is it?” – which we feel is a common response to people encountering this style for the first time. So, we have classical art looking at modern art, wondering, “but… what is it?”

-Burke Gilman