Cloudburst Kouzlo Czech Pilsner Can


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Kouzlo means charm. As in “third times the charm!” but that entire phrase in Czech is a helluva mouthful. Still, it’s significant because this is our third Czech Pils recipe we’ve brewed, tweaking it ever so slightly each time, on a never ending journey to flavor match the memory of drinking a fresh pour from Pivovar Matuska, while sitting in a beer garden in Prague. This time – we upped the bitterness and dried it out a little more. Per custom, we used Weyermann Floor Malted Bohemian Pils and hopped it with a bag of Saaz Special that Adam gave us, along with more regular Czech Saaz. Na zdraví! (pronounced: Naz-Drah-vee… it means “CHEERS!”… obviously.)