Cloudburst Not Interested Brown Ale Can


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Hey. Hi. Over here. We’d like to tell you all about this exciting brand NEW BROWN ALE. Yes, like brown in color. No, we didn’t use any adjuncts. I mean, we did use some Golden Naked Oats – so if you like, you can call it an oatmeal brown ale. But mostly we used a plethora of other kilned, caramelized and roasted malts. And some amazing hops from across the pond – German Northern Brewer and UK Fuggles. THESE HOPS ARE THE BEST. And this beer isn’t even about them! This beer is about tantalizing notes of chocolate (No, there is no chocolate in it), bread crust (we didn’t use bread either), cereal sweetness (NO. STOP ASKING US. there is no boxed cereal in this), and dark caramel (SERIOUSLY?! WE USED NO CANDY WTF)….WAIT. Why are you walking away? Is this not something you’re into? Not even a little bit? Fine. More for us then.