de Garde The Framboise Oak-Aged Wild Ale 2022 750ml


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There’s only so much to say here? This is a Red Raspberry beer, and very decidedly and delightfully so. While we don’t often release a Red Raspberry beer unblended with anything else (usually Black Raspberries and/or Cherries), we’re excited to do so when the particular beer calls for it. This is one of those very rare occurrences.
Huge(!) amounts of berries from our favorite berry farm were used in the making of this beer. They fermented in oak with a thoughtful selection of two year aged barrels of beer. In this circumstance, we opted not to back-blend with more mature beer after the secondary fruit fermentation, as we often do in pursuit of balance and character. Why mess with a very, very good thing?
This is Raspberry. The beer is Raspberry colored. It’s Raspberry flavored. You might be surprised to hear it, but it also smells like Raspberries. Really damn good Raspberries. A lot of freshly crushed and really, really good Raspberries.
It’s gorgeous.
The acid is in good balance, and it’s just damn tasty.

-de Garde