Deschutes Abyss Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 2010 22oz


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The Abyss 2010 comes across more as a American-style Imperial Stout, which is evident when one breaks the wax seal, removes the bottle cap, and pours this dark ale that when closely examined next to the light, produces an opaque impression. As the beer rests in the glass an initial strong mocha foamy head forms on top, but dies relatively quickly, leaving only a wreath of lace around the exterior circumference of the glass.

As we swirl the glass and place the glass under our nose we pick up notes of roasted coffee, dark fruits which potentially are implied from the use of molasses, black licorice, but overall there is a roasted caramel impression that is left in our mind.
Taking our first sip we are initially greeted by burnt, roast, coffee as well as dark licorice, with a general sensation of fresh oak is extracted from our olfactory memory, before we detect molasses, some minor citrus and vanilla in the finish. Overall the weight that is felt on the tongue from this beer is medium to strong and there is a minor stickiness that goes along with the medium alcohol burn.


-Northwest Beer Guide