Dirty Couch/Bottleworks Hibernation Chocolate Imperial Vanilla + Cinnamon + Theo’s Chocolate Stout 2021 500ml


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When Bottleworks reached out to do a collaboration we knew we wanted to make something massive. We wanted to break away from our sour reputation and make a luscious imperial stout with warming flavors for those cold winter Seattle nights in front of a fire.  

Hibernation Chocolate is brewed with British pale malt from Skagit Valley Malting, white wheat, rolled oats, and a careful assortment of darker malts. Hopped in the whirlpool with Northern Brewer hops and fermented with American ale yeast, this 10.5% ABV stout was then infused with vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and a massive amount of Theo’s Chocolate.

-Dirty Couch