Ducato Beersel Mattina Spiced Lambic 33cl


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Beersel Mattina is a blend of 82% Nuova Mattina (ale brewed with coriander, ginger, green pepper, and chamomile) and 18% spontaneously fermented Belgian Lambic Ale (18 months old aged in wood) from 3 Fonteinen.

After a mechanical breakdown, 3 Fonteinen Brewery of Beersel (possibly the best Lambic blender in the world) had economic damage in the summer of 2009. The news caused such a stir in the International beer movement that I called Armand to know how things were. As he needed to sell his Lambic, I immediately got inspired to blend our New Morning with his beer. We selected three 18 month old Lambic barrels that we siphoned in a small tank on our truck. The journey back was long and hard, myself and Manuel took turns driving through Belgium, France and Italy only stopping for gas. After days hand bottling and months of maturation, the outcome has gone over and beyond our expectations and we can say with pride that it was worth it!