E9/Varietal Elders Maibock Lager Can


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A DELICIOUS GOATBOCK with the Finest Body Of A Weyerman Barke Vienne and Barke Pilsner. Very rich caramelized quaffable bock with malty goodness crispy crackle pop flavors of Biscuit, Biscotti, and Pretzels that will make you Soooo Thirsty to drink so much more of with hues of a beautiful Copper Color and Head. With aromas of Lovely Summer Day in May with the Wildflower Blooms of Sunnyside at GOAT FEST with friends!

Thanks Varietal and Chris for this Goat Collab (NO GOATS IN THIS BEER OR WERE HARMED IN THIS BEER). We can’t wait to poke liters of this beer and BierStacheln, Prost!