El Chiribeach White Sangria 750ml


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“El chiribeach Sangría”, was born with the intention of transporting the aromas of beach evenings, summer times and moments with friends without an end. Sangria is one of the most popular drinks in Spain, and it’s characterized by its freshness, color and fruity taste.

“El chiribeach Sangría”, has its origin from organic Airen grapes, in combination with organic lemon and orange juice from the Valencian Mediterranean, without added sugars.

Intense and pleasant aromas, clear memories of grapes and sweet fruit. The palate leaves an enjoyable freshness with citrus recollections of oranges and lemons.

“El chiribeach Sangría”, elaborated especially for Vinos de Terruños by Familia Pastor Gilabert in collaboration with the Delgado brothers, pioneers in Organic farming in Castilla. Serve cold, optionally with ice, alone or with fruit. Ideal also for cocktails.

Elaboration: Organic white wine macerated with orange juice and organic lemons from Valencia. After mixing all the ingredients in an isothermal tank, it’s refrigerated, gently filtered and pasteurized.

Character: Straw yellow color with golden iridescence. Delicate citrus aromas, mixed with sweet notes of cinnamon. In its aroma dominates the orange and lemon citrus. In the mouth it’s fresh, pleasant and sweet that leaves a taste of fruity wine with citrus touches.

Pairing: Appetizers, barbecues, cheeses, tapas, rice, fish.