Evasion Yamhill Punch Pino Noir Barrel-Aged Cherry + Wine Grape Wild Ale 2021 750ml


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For 2021, our Yamhill Punch was done in the French style of a Bière de Garde, while taking influence from full-flavored and full-bodied orange wines.

Once poured, you are hit with aromas of candied watermelon, sour cherry, currants, and sourdough bread. The first sip is sour cherry candy with toasted sugar and watermelon, and an earthy, spicy finish reminds you this beer was made with wild yeast.

As always, Yamhill Punch is a blend of what we find locally produced here in Yamhill county. Made with 3 different kinds of cherries, Tannat and Blaufränkisch grapes, and aged in Pinot Noir barrels for 2 years before bottling.