Fair Isle Jep Malort Cask-Aged Saison 2024 375ml


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Jep is a saison aged in the world famous Jeppson’s Malört casks. Malört made its debut in Chicago in the 1920s, when Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson began selling the traditional wormwood-based Swedish-style schnapps also known as beskbrännvin, or besk for short.

Jep started off as a honey rye saison then aged in Malört casks for eight months before packaging. The aim was to create a saison for those Malört aficionados  while balancing the distinct bitterness –  creating a beer that might convert more skeptics over to Malört. At first sip, the infamous bitterness is soft and hidden, but as the glass empties, it lingers and builds.

-Fair Isle