Fair Isle Pedro French Oak-Aged Raspberry Flanders Red Ale 2022 750ml


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Pedro is the outcome of more than 3 years of patience. A blend of 20 and 30 month old beer aged in French Oak puncheons, this extended maturation allowed some more assertive acidity to come through, without finishing with a bracing sour note. The older beer in the blend brings more depth and a layered acid profile, while the younger beer contributes vivacity and fruitiness.

In addition to the base beer, we also have a raspberry variant fondly dubbed “RasPedro” by the Fair Isle team. This version is solely built on the 30 month oak-aged beer; the fruit character takes the place of the younger beer to provide the fresh, lively aspect. We are honored to have incorporated berries from the wonderful Sidhu Farms, and are quite pleased with how the fruit character shines through in Raspberry Pedro.

-Fair Isle