Fast Fashion/Keeping Together Reality is an Atmosphere Belgian Pale Ale 2022 Can


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This second batch of Reality is An Atmosphere we brewed with our dear friend Averie Swanson of Keeping Together while she was in town for Farmhouse Fest. This time we also had help from the supremely talented Joey Pepper. We changed quite a bit from the last batch, upping the abv and bitterness a touch. We also used Averie’s Sac strain isolated, which is the first time she’s ever used it isolated rather than in a mixed ferm setting. We also used whole cone chinook from Hollingbery instead of centennial, which we doubled the amount of whole cone used in this beer. Lastly, we rounded out the hop bill with some Saaz imported direct from Germany by the fine folks at Halfway Crooks and some Belgian Cascade from Forrest Farm also imported directly from Belgium by Halfway Crooks. The end result is a strong Belgian pale that drinks to me like how I imagine tangerine juice would taste if it were bone dry.

-Fast Fashion