Fast Fashion/Keeping Together Reality is an Atmosphere Belgian Pale Ale Can


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Reality is an Atmosphere: Centennial is a very special beer to me. Averie Swanson came to town back when we did Zwanze to brew with us (and get our nails done) and make a little hoppy Belgian pale ale. She’s one of the most inspiring brewers on the planet for me so it was obviously incredible to have her here and learn so much from her. We grabbed some freshly kilned whole cone centennial from Segal Ranch in Yakima and used them both in the mash and the whirlpool, We also added some Seitz Farm Tradition in the boil and whirlpool and finally dry hopped in with a touch of Freestyle motueka and conditioned it for about a month and a half in one of our horizontal fermenters. It’s a 6% little crusher of a Belgian pale, floral and spicy with a touch of citrus.

-fast Fashion