Fieldwork Campos & Rios Mexican Lager Can


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For 99.9% of the country the Mexican Lager brings back memories of drinking Coronas at Chevy’s while their Aunt Mary orders a quesadilla with extra trills. Our love of Mexican Lager is a bit more intimate, reminding us of summers in Baja, smashing perrones con todo at Tacos el Yaqui, then sitting on the beach with buckets of Sol next to some bootleg almond tequila and fishing poles. Maybe the perfect style for day drinking, being more flavorful than its neighboring American Light Lager, but every bit as refreshing. For Campos y Rios we mimicked our favorite Mexican Lager, but instead using the best ingredients we could get our hands on, creating a mellow yet interesting grain profile, and adding in just a pinch of Motueka hops, leaving behind a lovely finish of lime blossom that keeps you coming back pour after pour. The whole point of “craft” beer is to take the styles of yore and elevate them to a level that mass production and distribution isn’t conducive to; and we think there are few better examples of this than Campos y Rios, true to the heart and soul of Mexican Lager but brewed with a process and ingredient list that you can’t get in a clear bottle.