Fort George Diamond Rain Oak-Aged Wild Ale 2023 500ml


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In 2019, Brothers Cascadia parked their coolship in our courtyard and we brewed a collaborative wort, inoculating it with local wild yeasts and bacteria. The beer sat in oak
in our cellar for over three years before we blended it with a one-year-old mixed culture saison. We bottle conditioned the blend for
almost a year. And now, four years after the initial brew, Diamond Rain is ready to fall.

Hops: BSG Lambic Blend – Aged Hops, Mosaic, Strata, Wai-iti

Malts: Weyermann Pilz, GW White
Wheat, GM Flaked Wheat

Yeast: Spontaneous, Amalgamation
Blend, Lacto Brevis

-Fort George