Fort George/E9 Phantasy League Rye + Phantasm Saison Can


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There are no hard and fast rules for building a fantasy team. Do you want to load up on running backs? Or take a risk on an untested QB? Are you going to favor your real-life favorite team because you’re sentimental? Or are you going to be furiously researching every single tight end for weeks in advance of the draft?

When we assembled this dream team – we did all of the above and then some. This Rye Saison collaboration with E9 Brewing Co in Tacoma is the Phantasy League you’ve always wanted to be part of -bready, savory rye flavor with the sweet candy aroma of the world’s finest Phantasm powder, can-conditioned for a softer, smoother carbonation. E9 and Fort George will get you the most yards per carry, guaranteed.

-Fort George