Fort George Java The Hop Coffee IPA Can


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Here at Fort George we consider ourselves to be more closely aligned with television space epics such as Firefly and Next Generation, but we’re happy to be bringing back an old seasonal favorite for Star Wars Day, May the Fourth: JAVA THE HOP.

If you’ve been a fan of the Fort for a while, you may fondly remember Java the Hop as an IPA that smells like the perfect cup of Joe. This limited-time resurrection of our fortifying, breakfasty Coffee IPA is a collaboration with Coava Coffee in Portland. Coava’s supreme attention to detail and careful, loving bean selection meant that most of the work was done for us before we even sat down with the folks at Coava to pick a few coffee varieties that would pair well with our favorite hops. Coava is known for their close relationships to coffee farmers. Their beans pass through a lot of hands from plant to cup and they’ve personally shaken a lot of those hands.

After a lot of tasting and debate, we landed on two single-origin hop varieties and two single-origin beans that would pair well together.

-Fort George