Fort George Short Sands Helles Can


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A Munich Helles Lager is the epitome of balance and nuance. Noticeable malt character but not malty. Noticeable hop character but not hoppy. Just flavorful enough to satisfy your pallet but not heavy, and not so light that it’s flimsy and bereft of personality. The key to achieving this is quality ingredients and meticulous process. We used flavorful German malts to get the proper regional flavor profile for a complex yet infinitely drinkable bready/nutty malt profile. German Hallertauer Mittelfruh hops were used for their delicate balance of floral and fruity character. Fermentation was extra low and slow to get a clean and crisp ester profile. The result is a sessionable, flavorful, crisp beer that we’re very fond on. Cheers.

-Fort George