Fort George Waves of Silence: Fathom Imperial Coffee Stout Can


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Appearance: Black as night with dark brown foam.

Aroma: Immediate aromas of coffee and semi-sweet chocolate with hints of dark fruit, and de-bittered espresso.

Flavor: Creamy, full-bodied stout with notes of rich coffee, chocolate chips, hints of dark fruit, honey, and graham cracker.

Fort George knows a lot about stout. Waves of Silence is an evolving series that allows the brewery to explore the darker recesses of the recipe books. What do they hold? The possibilities are fathomless. Codename: FATHOMS is a Mocha-inspired Imperial Stout with two varieties of single-origin Daurfusu coffee beans from Coava Coffee, Theo cacao nibs, and Endangered Species oat milk chocolate chips. Not all mochas are made with cow’s milk, and neither is any ingredient in this vegan-friendly  Mocha-Inspired stout. 

**Waves of Silence cans are color changing. The body remains purple when properly cold stored, and fades to pink as it warms.

– F.G