Frukt Stereo Daft Frukt Apple + Pear + Solaris Grape Cider 2020 750ml


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Ingredients: 50% apples, 40% pears, 8% Solaris grapes and 2% quince.

Making of: a blend a little bit from almost every cuvée Fruktstereo makes during a vintage – a“house blend“ fermented all together, aged with heavy lees and bottled last of all each year. A few of the tanks develop a type of “flor” cover during fermentation and aging. Indigenous yeast only, unfiltered and without additives.

Personality: Wild but definitely will make you say (sing) One More Time! The pears bring a lacto feel and saltiness that should appeal to all the goes / sour beer lovers out there. Serve chilled as the bubbles and lees need a little bit of taming.

-Frukt Stereo