Hakuyou Junmai Housui “Fragrant Water” Sake 300ml


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“Fragrant Water” is a mystic brew from th remote island of Shikoku, where cultures uniquely separate from mainland Japan flourish. Brewed ising the purest waters from the source of the River Yoshino, this sake hails from the very gathering place of the island’s ancient poets. Fragrant water delivers an aroma of crystal clear depth combined with a velvety body. Fragrant Water’s sweet & sour taste, followed by a hint of melon-like sweetness make this an idea accompaniment to a wide variety of foods. 

Temperature and Food – Enjoy this sake served very cold, lukewarm, or at room temperature; great with grilled fish and meats, also with fajitas and pastas with hearty sauces. 

– Hakuyou Junmai