Heater Allen Schwarz Can


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4.5% – Schwarzbier

This is our interpretation of the little known Schwarzbier, or “black beer” of Germany. I’m usually not a big fan of dark beers, so when I first tried a Schwarzbier, I was surprised that it didn’t have the harshness that I’d found in many dark beers. When I brew this, I use a lot of flavorful amber malts, and just enough black malt to get the color right – a total of nine different malts in all. The beer’s rich malt/espresso aroma, leads to complex malt, caramel, chocolate, and espresso flavors. There’s just enough hop bitterness to keep everything in balance. This is the perfect beer to serve with a barbecued steak or tri-tip. It’s also excellent with just about any chocolate dessert!

-Heater Allen