Hildegard Gray Winds (Bon Voyage) Blend 2 Oak-Aged Montmorency Cherry Wild Ale 2023 750ml


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Bon Voyage is our second Gray Winds blend and uses A LOT of Regina and Montmorency cherries from Evans Family Fruit located in Hood River. Informed by traditional Lambic brewing methods but prepared méthode untraditionelle, the cherries were refermented on our oldest barrel fermented wild ale.

Brewed with a generous portion of raw wheat and aged hops, we partially cooled the wort in kettle before letting it come to room temp while slowly being influenced by the microbe magic in our brewery. We then transferred the wort to the barrel, pitched our Hildegard and the Funky Bunch house culture and sent Bon Voyage on its long fermenting journey. The final blend introduces a young saison for freshness and fermentable sugars for conditioning.

Bon Voyage expresses rich cherry aromatics, cassia bark, rose, spiced pie crust, tame acid, and a cool damp cave.