Hildegard Gray Winds (Painted Sunlight) Blend 3 Oak-Aged Peach + Nectarine Wild Ale 2023 750ml Copy


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Painted Sunlight is a blend of oak fermented gold ale and aged saisons that has been refermented on super ripe Saturn Peaches and White Pearl Nectarines.

During one of my first visits to the Northwest, I ate a peach for the first time. Now I’d had countless peaches in my life up until then but I had never really had a peach. This fuzzy beaut was at peak ripeness and biting into it was like a custardy stone fruit juice’splosion. Peach juice was on my face, running down my arm and made a sticky mess. It was glorious, a little obscene, and like how our 4 year old eats everything.

Painted Sunlight is inspired by this formative experience and starts with a soft creamy texture and is scented with peach perfume and warming spices. The acidity is bright and balanced along with peach rings and a side of marzipan.