Hildegard Samara Farm Bier Doug Fir + Maple Sap + Poplar Bud Saison 2023 750ml


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In collaboration with our good friends Emily and Miles and their big life/art/dream project of building a self sustainable farm and destination, Samara Farm Bier is an ongoing series of fermentations and expressions that makes use of what is grown and foraged at Samara Farm located in Acme, WA.

Our first exploration uses Big Leaf Maple Sap collected over the winter of 2022. With this we brewed a rustic little house mixed culture beer using malt from the Skagit valley, Douglas Fir tips, and windfall cottonwood poplar buds. Grains and grass. Tart and bitter-ish. Lemon zest and vitamin C citrus melange.

A balanced little tree beer… if you will.