Hofstetten Granitbock 500ml


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The beauty was that we already had everything we needed in our brewhouse from 1929.

Primary fermentation takes place in 120-year-old granite vats, thus connecting this beer to its Stone Age roots.

The Granitbock’s unmistakable flavor comes from granite stones that are heated over an open fire until red hot and then thrown into the beer, caramelizing the sugar in the wort. Once it cools, our classically cultured yeast is then added to the vats.

Though the process is quite laborious, the resulting beer is laden with caramel and roasted malt aromas unlike those in any other bock. We then lager the beer for another 6 months in our vaulted lager keller and fill it into bottles without any further processing.

We leave it unfiltered to ensure none of the wonderful flavors developed during the brewing process are lost. For the beer lover with a cool dark place in their homes, this beer can easily be aged for another 3 years.