Kings & Daughters/Fort George Phantasmic Beasts Hazy Phantasm IPA Can


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New England Style IPA made in  Collaboration with Fort George Brewery in Astoria. Phantasm (thiol rich dried Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grape skins) and Cosmic Punch (thiolized yeast) combined with high thiol potential hops to create a thiol hop bomb! Thiols can express as tropical fruit and sweet red berries, the beer should hit with flavor and fun! Yes, this beer is all about trying to unlock the THIOLS!… if you couldn’t tell ­čśë

To help celebrate our 1st anniversary we got together with one of our favorite PNW breweries, Fort George Brewing, and made a banger of a beer, Phantasmic Beasts, a New England Style IPA laced with Phantasm. This follows the first collaboration we ever made just over a year ago, “The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship”, a New England Style Double IPA also laced with Phantasm brewed with Reuben’s Brews. We wanted to continue on that train and harness the many advancements made in our industry towards unlocking the secrets of accessing the impactful, delightful flavor potential of Thiols, something the wine industry has been pursuing for over a decade. The results is another experimental hop bomb, Phantasmic Beasts!

-Kings & Daughters